The Co-op

To buy from the co-op, you first need to be a member in good standing (paying or not).
If you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know. You’re also welcome to get other club members together and suggest an order. The more we can buy at once, the more money everyone saves!

Currently Offered:
50lb bags of Mazuri rat / mouse lab block at wholesale prices. Can not be shipped. To order, email at least 10 days prior to the next meet. If you will be ordering two or more bags, you may be asked to pay in advance.

Future Orders:
Pointer Hill animal caging is handmade locally in PA. It’s top quality (think Martin’s), but all cages are assembled, not kits. We can get you small pet caging or custom caging, but we need a larger order (about $500+). Available are mouse, rat, hamster, rabbit, guinea pig, and other pet cages. Wire can be either galvanived or PVC-coated.
Exercise Wheels and Accessories. A few of our members have expressed interest in doing a bulk order. You can get, for example, 6 1/2″ colored metal hamster-sizeds wheels for only about $2.00 each! We need a few more people to join in since we’re required to buy $200.00 worth from the distributor at a time.

The Rodent Club is run as a not-for-profit venture with all proceeds going back to fund club events, educational projects, and other charitable goals.
If you enjoyed our message boards or had a nice time at one of our meets, please show your appreciation by donating something now. Even $1.00 is not too small! Click on the link below to use PayPal to donate any amount of money of your choosing.
You can also aid us by bidding on our eBay auctions, bidding on Silent Auction items at our meets, or by signing up for a paid membership.
Thank you for your support!