Joining The Rodent Club

Joining The Rodent Club

Please fill out the membership application. Return the first two pages to the address printed on the form to bring to any club event.
For questions about the club, you may call May at 441-461-4087 (only between 10am and 8pm, please).

Membership is $15.00 per year per individual or family (all at one address). This price includes mailing the club newsletter to US addresses only; inquire if you are overseas and still want the newsletter.

Membership includes:

  • the support of the club so that we may continue to bring you shows, events, judges, and more
  • a mailed newsletter
  • the ability to purchase merchandise at wholesale cost. When we purchase in bulk we can skip the retail markup and pass the savings right on to you.
  • the right to vote if the club holds referendums
  • the right to run for an officer’s position
  • discounted newsletter back issues
  • and other benefits.

You can be added to our mailing list for free. You do not get the same benefits as a paid member, but by being on the list you’ll be sent flyers and other information.

Our Pledge to You

We will always offer you the best value of any of the pet clubs.
We will always listen to your suggestions and input; no one member is “king.”
You will never wonder where club money is going since the club is run as a not-for-profit venture. Any income we might make will immediately go back into the next event or show, the web site, newsletters, or other projects.
Every member is valuable!
We work together with other clubs. Our goal is to further the fancy and to offer the most we can to our members.