Club History | Meets and Events

How long has the club been around?
It all started with a few mouse breeders wanting to get together during 1999. The meets became a regular thing, and an email list was set up in October of 2001 to announce the upcoming events.
Then we opened our doors to newcomers, and the events really took off. By spring of 2002 the little mouse get-together had grown to a huge size and now included many people interested in rats and other small animals. Rodent Fest was born!

What geographic areas does the club cover?
We welcome members from all over the United States as well as from all over the world. Events are only held on the East coast at this time. Some club members do travel throughout other parts of the U.S., so there is always the opportunity to meet up with our members at other pet events.
We provide support to members outside of the area through written and telephone communication. The newsletter and Web site are important ways the club keeps everyone in touch.

Why don’t you have meets in my town?
If you live in the mid-Atlantic region, we encourage and welcome meets in different towns. Please suggest your town to us! We also encourage people to host a meet in their home or at a public place they might have access to. At this time we cannot pay for renting space, so please keep this in mind if you wish to host an event.

When and where are shows and events?
We have an event or show approximately every two months. We have them as often as possible, and two months allows for enough time for our breeders’ new litters to mature.

How much is admission?
Admission is free to all of our regular events, RodentFests, and shows. If there is a fee to get into a special event it will be noted on the information.

What is a quarantine?
All new pets should be kept in isolation after adopting them or after bringing them to shows. There is always the slight chance the animal may have picked up a germ or parasite. This protects your other animals from the possibility of it spreading. If one of the animals might be sick, the rule is to close your rodentry for two months following the end of the last symptoms or the last baby born, whichever is later.
All your current animals should be kept in a quarantine at least two, preferably three, weeks before a show. This means no new animals in and no births. This is a requirement for everyone who attends our meets and shows no matter who you are or what your animals’ history.