What is a “co-op?”
A “co-op” is short for “cooperative,” where a group of people get together to buy items in bulk so that they can save money. The Rodent Club offers this with items like lab block. The items are bought at wholesale prices and those interested pay only what it costs us to get the items.

What kinds of things can I buy?
Right now a popular co-op item is lab block (pelleted rat and mouse food). We also get special pricing on cages and accessories at below pet-shop prices from one of our members.

How can I pay for co-op items?
To keep costs low, generally co-op items are not shipped. They’re available at the meets. Cash is always the best way to pay for these items. Be sure to check in advance to be sure we order enough of the item for you.

What are the rules when using your Free Downloads section?
You are free to use anything on the Free Downloads section on your own computer, to print out for your own use, or for use on your personal web space. You are not, however, permitted to use any of this material without written permission for commercial use, use in other clubs, or to resell. Please leave copyright notices intact where applicable.

I saw one of your images on someone else’s web page. Did you borrow it or did they borrow your work?
All of the material contained on this site is original with the exception of some of the public-domain clip-art. We always get written permission before using someone else’s work. Please help us out! If you see what looks like our work on another site (excluding personal home pages), drop us a line so we can speak with the site owner. (We will never mention your name when we contact them.) Sometimes people don’t even realize they have copyrighted work.