About us

Here are frequently asked questions about us:

General information

  • What kinds of animals is the club for?

The Rodent Club was formed by people who love all kinds of small animals from mice and rats to exotic mice, hamsters, and gerbils. All small-pet owners are always welcome.

  • What kind of club is The Rodent Club?

TRC originally was formed to help serious breeders trade in breeding stock, as well as to meet to discuss animal-related breeding and health issues. From there the club has become both a social meeting place and a group for serious rat and mouse fanciers to meet. TRC actively has meets and shows, and we welcome both serious breeder and pet owner alike to our events.

  • How do I contact the club?

The fastest replies are usually by email. Please allow a day or two for a reply. You can also post to our message board to ask your questions. Officers will be happy to talk to you by phone; their numbers are available upon request.

  • What is your stance on culling? reptile owning? etc?

Our club is made up of a diverse group of people all sharing the same common interest of furthering the rodent fancy. We do not take any stance on any specific issues such as culling, reptile keeping, bedding types, ethics of showing, ethics of breeding, etc. It is our belief that everyone involved in the group is a mature individual capable of researching and deciding what is best for their animals. We respect differing opinions, and we want to maintain a comfortable environment where people are free to discuss their views. If you cannot be polite and respectful of those with differing views, this club may not be for you.

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