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First Annual Spring Rodentfest Small Pet Expo! Sponsored by The Rodent Club May 13, 2017 Join us there! The Days Inn located at 2299 Lancaster Pike West Shillington, PA 19607 (610-777-7888) What is RodentFest? A [more]

About us

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Here are frequently asked questions about us: General information What kinds of animals is the club for? The Rodent Club was formed by people who love all kinds of small animals from mice and rats [more]

Basic Black-Eyed Selfs

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Basic Black-Eyed Selfs: Black, Chocolate, Blue, and (American) Dove/(English) Lilac, and Red Your mouse’s color is caused by two basic pigments, one that can be either black or brown, and one that is yellowy-red; and [more]

Getting a Tan

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Getting a Tan Tan mice are mice with the “normal” colors on their backs, and bellies the color of red mice, although there’s a lot of variation in the belly color. There are some genes [more]

Joining our club

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Joining our club Information about participation and being a member of our club What is the membership fee? Basic membership is free, but we recommend you upgrade to a Gold Membership. A Gold Membership gives [more]