The Co-op

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To buy from the co-op, you first need to be a member in good standing (paying or not). If you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know. You’re also welcome to get other [more]

Predicting the Future

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Predicting the Future Okay, so you have some mice, you want to breed them, and you have some particular goals in mind. Let’s go back to our friends Hershey the chocolate doe (girl) and Ashes [more]


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What is a “co-op?” A “co-op” is short for “cooperative,” where a group of people get together to buy items in bulk so that they can save money. The Rodent Club offers this with items [more]

Your Inheritance

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Let’s talk about inheritance. You can go back to Gregor Mendel, who did a lot of work with Pea plants learning how genes are passed on, but lets keep it simple. Let’s use the gene [more]